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Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend She's Back Lyrics

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Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend She's Back Lyrics

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Diamond Dondada is the singer of the song Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend She's Back, which has lyrics written by Diamond Dondada.


I Took Over A Year Off And Cut You

B*tches Some Slack

Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend

She's Back


I Heard You Looking For Me

B*tch I Ain't Hard To Find 

I Went M.i.a. To Elevate My F*ckin Mind 

See Now I'm Back And I Ain't Stopping This Time 

I'm Finna Remind You B*tches Who Forgot

Bout The Dime 

But Wait 

Oh You Ain't Rapping Cause I Stopped You A Lost Hoe

Oh You Ain't Drop Until I Drop B*tch I Thought So 

See How You Hate Me But You Follow My Lead 

If You Ain't Take Ideas From Me B*tch You Wouldn't Succeed

But F*ck It 

Let's Talk About These Niggas 

Man They So F*ckin Messy 

You Wanna Gossip Like A B*tch Imma Call You Bessy

I Can't Get Wet For No Nigga Who Got Two Faces 

Use That Energy To Grind And Get Some Blue Faces 

I Bet Hater Somewhere Listening To Me Turnt Up 

I Bet Them Hoes Still Mad And I Don't Give A F*ck 

I Bet You Thought I Was Done When I Fell Back 

This My Brother Crown Hoe Let Me Get That 

And Everybody Shut The F*ck Up When You Hear Me Speak 

I'm Done Being Nice Hoe You Cannot Play With Me 

See I Be Making Money Woke And Make It When I Sleep 

And If I Drop It On Your Face That's A Real Beat 

So F*ck Your Makeup Artist B*tch I Got That Real Heat

Without The Lashes And That Filter B*tch You Outta There 

Take That Wig Off Let Me See Your Real Hair

And Everywhere I Go Boss Niggas Stop And Stare 

But I'm Not Easily Impressed I Don't Even Care

F*ck Your Horny Engineer And F*ck Your Video Man 

I Told Him Put Me In The Booth And He Thought I Was Playing 

You Gave Me The Run Around B*tch You Know I'm The Man

And We Can't Never Work Together Hoe I Still Got A Plan What's Up

They Wanna F*ck In Exchange For A Photo Shoot 

They Wanna F*ck For Some Free Time In The Booth 

They Wanna F*ck To Connect Me To The Big Dog 

But They Don't Know I Got Investors On F*ckin Call 

See You Can Never Get This P*ssy Imma Pay Them Dollars 

B*tch You Will Never Say You Clapped Diamond Dondada 

I Swear To God Niggas Hoes In This Music Business

Because They Want Pleasure They Don't Want Business 

See I'm A Little Devil And You Can Get The Business 

Nigga Make Me Get You Wet This Is Strictly Business

Boy Make Me Get You Wet 

Get It Maya Watch Me


And They Be Watching All My Shits Scared To Put Me On 

B*tch I'm Diamond I Got Hot On My Own 

I Don't Care About Your Deal Or Your Team Or Your Promo 

Every Time I Drop A Song The Club Bouncing Like A Pogo

Shout Out Dj Freak Shout Out Dj Yella

Can't Forget The P We Be Grinding Together 

And To You Insecure B*tches Trying To Stop The Show 

I Do Not Want Your Man I'm Just Trying To Blow 

Anytime I Try To Work Here Come A Nigga Hoe 

I Understand Shawty 

Dollar Pressure Though 

These Niggas Behind Because Them B*tches In They Ear 

Saying Do Not Work With Her Blocking His Career 

And Now I See Why Everybody Left You In Them Trenches 

But You That Same Nigga Hollin Money Over B*tches 

But Off The Internet Boy You Really Tinder

I Want You For Dinner

Wait A Minute Um Playing With My Time Is Like Playing With My Money 

Do Not Smile B*tch I Don't See Shit Funny 

Do You Love Your Life I Will Rap You Like A Mummy 

I Don't Got No Mind I Am Just A Dummy

B*tch I Feel Like Marlo You Can Call Me Mike 

Naw B*tch I Think I'm Khaos Kill Ha On Site Huh 

I Probably Never Blow Cause Me I Keep It Too Real 

I Probably Never Hoe I Felt Your Dick And It Was Too Little 

And Now I'm Saying Anything Cause The Beat Long 

Freestyle About To Turn Into A Whole Song 

I Mean A Whole Album 

I Mean The Ep 

I Swear To God Rap B*tches Cannot F*ck With Me 

And  In A Minute Imma Change My Name To Diamond D

And The D Stands For Demon Not Dondada

And When I Get On That Time You Don't Want Problems

Chris Over There Looking Like You Finished

Hell Naw Chris You Better Keep The Beat Spinnin

I Got Something For You B*tches Who Be Throwin Shade, Peekin

Hit The Quan In Your Nigga Mouth While He Lick It

Hit The - Hit The Quan In Your Nigga Mouth While He Licking

Chris I'm Finished