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I Love My Horsey Arthur Morgan Lyrics

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I Love My Horsey Arthur Morgan Lyrics

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Arthur Morgan is the singer of the song I Love My Horsey Arthur Morgan, which has lyrics written by Arthur Morgan.


I Was Robbing Up A Train For Camp

Three Lemon Pulled Up And Shot At Me

Yeah Vendor Lynn Is Your Only Man I


Shoot A Man In The Eye Dutch Style I

Love My Hoshi And My Hoshi Love Me

Don't Watch Out Agent Ross Is Coming

Dodge Battle Grand Gang Is The Gang Of

Man Running Backs Dropping Charge

Got A Boy Named Chuck Guess Is Mine And

You Say Otherwise You're Dead

My Boy I've Got A Plan

What Plan Dutch

Need The Money Need The Time Need The Loyalty

Australia Ultra Heat Is Where I'm Going

My Boy Don't Stick With Me You're A

Traitor Michael Bell Here He's My

Favorite Yeah She Won't Ride Unlike John

Dutch That's Mitten Told Me Macca Is A

Rat No No That's He's Lying Be Quiet Cow

Poke You Live In The Clouds

Dutch When We Gonna Come Back For The

Money In Blackwater

We Need That Money Dutch We Need That


Calm Down Boys You Guys Act Like That's

The Only Money In The World

We Got Sand In Me